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I have been marketing online for over 8 years now and I am always looking for new ways to generate traffic for my own sites -- traffic is, after all, the lifeblood of any and every successful web site.

So one day, needing a little break from my online business, and having a craving for some good fries, I head out of my office to McDonalds.

I grab my usual -- the # 2 value meal -- consisting of a double quarter pounder with cheese (no pickle), a large fry, and a Coke -- and I go sit down at a booth near the window.

At first I was just watching people and traffic outside while I ate, but then I noticed the crowd inside McDonalds was growing big fast... it was Noon, so it must have been their lunch rush.

As I was looking at this evergrowing swarm of McDonalds customers I mused to myself, “More customers... good problems to have”. And I smiled.

Then “IT” hit me like a 2 ton truck!

I Seized A Crayon Off A Table Right Behind Me And Began Scribbling Like Mad!

I didn't have a pen and paper so I grabbed some crayons from the kids play area behind me...

... and I began to write my ideas down on my greasy ketchup stained McDonalds napkin.

The very same napkin you see here right now--->

You see... web traffic is what separates the moneymakers from the non-moneymakers.

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